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“Building Trust, Buying Buildings”


There are many different reasons for needing to sell your house fast and they are often emotionally difficult times.  We understand this.  We came into this business to empower people who might otherwise remain in a bind and to help them break the downward cycle of not being able to sell a property, because of its poor state of repair, while not having the money to make those repairs.

We felt that something had to be done.

Unlike a traditional estate agent, we decided we would use our resources to buy properties whatever the state and then make the repairs ourselves using the better buying power that we have.  We also consider houses that are in pristine condition! 

Moving on from a difficult situation is part of life’s story.  We want to give people the chance of a happy ending, to enter a new chapter in their lives and put this behind them.  Our conviction is to provide a super-fast service backed by our core values of:





So, now you know about us, we would love to hear about you!  Please call for a friendly no-obligation chat or fill in the quick form below and press “Send”.  Job done.